LIVALL’s Next-Generation EVO21 Smart Helmet Surpass $207,124 on Indiegogo


LIVALL, the world’s first smart and safety cycling helmet brand, has taken the riding world by storm after the launch of its new EVO21 Smart Helmet on Indiegogo. Since debuting on the crowdfunding platform on May 13 at 9AM PST, the EVO21 Smart Helmet has attracted 1615 backers, with funding over  $207,124.

Brighter, lighter and safer than any other helmet on the market, the iF Gold-awarded EVO21 Smart Helmet offers unparalleled active protection for cyclists on the road — helping to prevent crashes before they happen. The light weight design is engineered with a super-bright 270° rear light, color-changing wide angle front light, and turn signals for visibility from all directions. Meanwhile, with 30% more ventilation and a 350g lightweight design, cyclists will stay ahead of the pack while cutting down on sweat. In the event of a fall, the helmet’s patented fall detection and SOS alert technology sends a text message to emergency contacts with the rider’s precise GPS location.

“Seven years ago, LIVALL set out to usher in the next generation of cycling safety. Today, we are pleased to bring cyclists the crowning achievement of our dedication and innovation: the smartest lighting helmet that’s superior to any other product on the market. As confidence in public transport systems wanes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the EVO21 enables safer commutes for those wanting to maintain social distancing and avoid buses, trains, and underground subways or metros,” said Bryan Zheng, LIVALL Founder & CEO.

For a limited time only, the LIVALL EVO21 Smart Helmet is available for purchase on Indiegogo at a  Early Bird Price of US $89. LIVALL is also offering perks with up to 43% discount for packs on Indiegogo campaign. Products are slated to ship globally from June.

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Inspired by real-life experiences and founded by cycling enthusiasts, LIVALL is committed to creating the world’s first safe cycling ecosystem that protects cyclists before, during and after impact — offering the ultimate peace of mind and enabling riders to focus on enjoying the journey.

To date, the company holds 170+ global and domestic patents, 58 of which are product invention patents, and has received 40 recognized international industry awards. For more information, please visit: 

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